[18+] Slaughter Hotel 1971 DVDRip UnRated 700MB

[18+] Slaughter Hotel 1971 DVDRip UnRated 700MB Italian Adult Only Erotic Sex Full Horror Movie Free Download and Watch online HD – Movies 300MB

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Full Movie Name: [18+] Slaughter Hotel 1971 DVDRip UnRated 700MB 

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 5.2/10 of 792
Genres: Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release Date: January 1973 (USA)

Director: Fernando Di Leo
Writers: Fernando Di Leo (screenplay), Fernando Di Leo (story).
Stars: Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee, Rosalba Neri

Duration: 96 Minutes
Size: 700 MB


In a psychiatric clinic for rich women, dies murdered, one after another, a nurse and two patients, while an arrow hit another woman. The guilty is a masked man. The police decide to set up a trap, but the line of murdering isn’t still over.
Reviews: “Slaughter Hotel” is quite a perplexing film experience… Not so much because of its brilliance, uniqueness or professionalism but because it’s so damn addictive despite being one of the most poorly scripted horror film ever made. This is one giant trashy mess in which story-logic, atmosphere and character drawings have all been skipped in favor of more luscious nudity and sleaze. We’re welcomed in a resting home for hot & wealthy ladies, with mental problems going from burnouts to nymphomania. There’s a team of strange doctors, unprofessional nurses and even a hunky gardener at these ladies’ service to help them get over whatever problems they got. In order to make “Slaughter Hotel” at least somewhat resemble to a giallo, director Fernando DiLeo also introduces a mad-raving murderer, typically dressed in black and using the institution’s old-fashioned armory decoration as slashing tools. All put together, this results in extended sequences of females having any form of sex (masturbation, lesbian action or actual sex) before brutally getting killed. The basics of exploitation cinema, maybe, but nonetheless a bad movie with too many tedious moments and totally wasting a great cast. I don’t think you’re meant to care for the killer’s identity as his/her motivations largely remain unexplained at the end. There are a lot of things that don’t make the least bit of sense (butt-massages??) and the girls, for some reason, all have extended flashbacks with completely irrelevant contents. I suppose that was done to reach a playtime of 90 minutes. Klaus Kinski looks terrifically vicious with his long blond hair but even his presence can’t bring much redemption. The murders are gory (especially the grand finale!) but not the least bit disturbing. “Slaughter Hotel” is worth watching for fans of Italian horror but I’m sure everyone will acknowledge that it’s nothing more than a poor man’s Sergio Martino, Dario Argento or Mario Bava.
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